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The Barnes & Noble ReviewJohn Meaneys Nulapeiron Sequence -- a sweeping science fiction epic that delves into the nature of time, space, and human evolution -- reaches its climactic conclusion in Resolution, a novel that pits unlikely one-armed hero Tom Corcorigan (and the entire population of the planet Nulapeiron) against a mysterious alien presence called the Anomaly, a relentless entity that overwhelms worlds and absorbs their living components. As Resolution (the sequel to Paradox and Context) begins, Corcorigan is looking forward to some well-earned downtime. With the War Against the Blight finally over, the war hero has married Elva, and theyre trying to enjoy some semblance of a honeymoon. But with the Anomaly -- a far more powerful adversary than its Blight offspring -- threatening, Corcorigan must somehow unify a war-torn and socially divided populace before Nulapeiron is absorbed by the Anomaly and turned into one of its innumerable hellworlds. With the last remnants of humanity gathered inside one of the planets many terraformer spheres, Corcorigan has one last chance to unravel the mystery of the spacetime-warping Oracles and the obsidian-eyed Pilots before the inevitable end Justifiably compared to Frank Herberts Dune saga for its mind-boggling thematic complexity, world-building mastery, and the numerous similarities between the protagonists, Meaneys Nulapeiron Sequence is, simply put, a hard science fiction masterpiece. And although the plotlines are powered by some highly cerebral subject matter (backward causality, mu-space, a fractal universe, etc.) the story succeeds in large part because of the sheer magnetism of Tom Corcorigan, one of the most complex -- and paradoxical -- protagonists ever created in the genre: the bastard intellectual love-child of [Richard P.] Feynman and Bruce Lee. Paul Goat Allen

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